Tuesday, 22 November 2016

All about the BODY HARNESS

If you dont't own a BODY HARNESS, please make your way out to invest in one (or as we are in 2016, you can always order one online, no need to leave the house)! It has been my key piece this year. I have worn it on holiday's, out for drinks in London x 2, classy Friday night dinner. I got mine from my best friend who knows me too well and got it for me for my birthday - it's from Pretty Little Thing, I'm going to say it costs about £8-10, very affordable and can transform/add a finishing touch to any plain outfit. VOILA.

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Texture Play

All black everything. This is my Saturday nights outift, wearing all of my new items mentioned below. Top and skirt from H&M, shoes and bag from Primark and gold necklace from Topshop. This is major texture play as it's all different textures like faux leather, knit, suede and plastic feel polyester, it works! I topped it all off with my favourite bright red lipstick and voluminous hair. 

Friday, 3 October 2014

Everyone loves a steal buy

These are my few new pre-payday bargain buys that I scavenged for! I only had an hour after work before the shops shut so I made my way to Primark and bought these amazing cut out high heeled boots for £16!! The clutch also from Primark is £6. H&M was on my way back so I quickly popped in there and found this leather skirt I've been eyeing up but never had my size, must be my day as I found my size as well as it being on sale for £7! It's a texturised leather feel, my favourite ATM and it will be appearing in my Saturday nights outfit! Don't worry a blog will follow ;) happy weekend! 

Wednesday, 1 October 2014


Day out in sunny london wearing skirt dungarees from USC and a top from Forever 21, all topped off with my biggest bargain buy sunglasses from Primark! My necklace is as previously worn from Vivienne Westwood. And below is the amazing ice cream from Goddiva! 

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Summer 14

Seeing as I didn't have this in the summer, I can now upload my favourite outfits! This one is a dressy/casual day outfit. Shorts are from Primark, top from Newlook, shoes from USC (doesn't exist anymore), VW necklace and of course a tan to top it all off. 

AW's a Shopping Outfit

This is my first ever post and of course it will be my shopping outfit as that's the way we get all these amazing outfits (unless you're talented and create them yourself) this is an easy off shoulder nude/pink crop top from H&M teamed with a black and white pattern A line skirt from New Look! If it's a sunny day don't forget your favourite pair of sunglasses and a easy to carry tote bag, mines from Michael Kors - you might see this appearing a few times... Fav.